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    If you can’t imagine the start of your day without a cup of coffee, you know that you need to have a reliable coffee maker. Choosing the best coffee maker for your needs can be extremely challenging, especially as, during the last centuries, several models have been invented. Each of which will offer you a completely different coffee experience. Below you will find a quick guide to choose wisely! 

    Common Types of Coffee Machines

    You will always have full control over the type of coffee to brew, but the coffee maker’s choice comes around only a few times! Since this might represent your most significant investment, you should know what to expect from each. Find out the main differences below.

    Traditional and Single-Cup Brewers

    Traditional and single-cup brewers are staples of the American coffee-making tradition. They allow you to enjoy a delicious, flavorful cup any time you need one. They are also perfect to look after the needs of the whole family or company. 


    • It is perfect if you enjoy the ritual of making and tasting coffee
    • It is the traditional method of brewing coffee in the US
    • It allows you to enjoy an Americano-size cup
    • Perfect to start your day or warming up during winter
    • Allows you to have full control over water and coffee type


    • It can take longer than other machines for the coffee to be ready

    Capsule or Pod Coffee Machines

    Pod and capsule coffee machines are a newer trend that has started to become so loved because they get your coffee ready in a matter of seconds. While the pre-prepared capsules make the coffee-making process easy, quick, and mess-free, they can be pricey, and you will need to stick to a particular brand.


    • They are compact and affordable
    • They offer a mess-free coffee-making experience
    • The sealed pods keep the coffee fresh for longer – ideal for occasional coffee drinkers.


    • The pods can be extremely expensive
    • The pods are not sustainable and increase waste
    • You will need to stick to a specific brand

    Bean-to-Cup Coffee Makers

    Bean-to-cup coffee makers are perfect if you want to get your drink created from scratch at every cup of coffee. The machine will freshly grind the beans each time.


    • On-demand bean grinding allows for extra freshness
    • They are automated
    • You can use any beans you prefer


    • They are expensive
    • They can be bulky
    • They are difficult to clean
    • They can be noisy when grinding the coffee

    What Does Your Ideal Cup of Coffee Look Like?

    Choosing the best machine from the ones seen above is not always easy, and a lot depends on the type of coffee you prefer to have. If you are all in for a large cup of Americano to warm you up in winter and top up your energy levels in summer, a traditional drip coffee maker is the right one for you. 

    Best Coffee Makers

    If you are looking for the best coffee makers on the market, you should not look much further than traditional drip coffee makers. They offer you the chance to customize the water, coffee beans, and size of your drink. They are incredibly long-lasting, and they suit the needs of your whole family. Find out the best Tyler Mountain models of coffee makers on the market below. 

    • Tyler Mountain Traditional Brewers
    • Tyler Mountain Single-Cup Brewers

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