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    Today we are talking about our home delivery for Coffee and Water here at Tyler Mountain Water in Poca, WV. Watch the video, or read the transcription below to find out more!


    My name is Kris Thomas. I’m the Director of Route Operations here at Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee. And today, we’re going to be talking about K-cup delivery to offices and also through the home delivery. We deliver K-cups to home and offices in the Charleston, West Virginia area, and the Louisville, Kentucky area. So that’s going to be new for us delivering the K-cups to the homes, but look forward to giving that opportunity to our customers. We deliver– water coolers to either home and to their office for a rental fee. When it comes to different types of coffee machines for your home, restaurant, and the offices, we have different varieties and styles of different types of coffee machines that we offer to the office, mainly Bunn equipment and then also tea machines and stuff. Coffee, tea machines to the restaurants. And for the home use, you know, just about everybody in America has their own Keurig machine, so we don’t supply coffee machines in that environment. we can give them a rental water cooler in their home if they need that, and then you also know in the offices. Coming into the fall, different things that we offer our customers when it comes to coffee, we do hot chocolate, we do some of the flavor creamers and stuff some of the seasonal things that are real big going into the fall. As far as your pumpkin–your pumpkin spice. And then also we offer a cinnamon peppermint thing for Christmas in a creamer that customers can use in their office. And then you know, we also have the hot Bigelow teas and flavored teas. And then also regular hot teas. The people that don’t drink coffee will have those options to use in the winter.

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