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    Given that our bodies are roughly 60% water, proper hydration is vital at all times. However, the need to drink enough water is even greater in the summer due to increased heat and amount of sun.

    Whether you’re home or in the office here’s all you need to know about staying hydrated this summer.

    How Much Water Is Needed?

    In truth, there are many contributing factors to consider including:

    • The climate in your location;
    • Your height and weight;
    • Activity levels;
    • Whether you’re inside or outside.

    As a rule of thumb, though, 10 glasses per day (plus extras for exercise) is a good starting point. Just remember that drinking a little and often is the way forward.

    Why Should You Stay Hydrated?

    Staying hydrated throughout the summer brings a whole host of benefits. Some of the best ones include:

    • Avoiding headaches, heat stroke, and debilitating illnesses.
    • Regulating your body and help your heart.
    • Maintaining concentration levels at work and leisure.
    • Maintaining healthy skin and hair throughout the summer.
    • Keeping your memory and motor coordination at high levels.
    • Feeling more comfortable in daily life and activities.

    So, staying hydrated should be a priority throughout the summer months. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty this summer, stay ahead of the game.

    What Should You Drink?

    While bottled water should be the go-to drink, it’s worth remembering that we lose electrolytes through sweat. So, it’s never a bad idea to choose isotonic drinks or add tablets to your water to completely replenish yourself.

    Avoid too much sugar and alcohol, as this can be a very counterproductive way to quench your thirst.

    Remember to stay hydrated as summer is right around the corner! Contact Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee to get your supply of water delivered right to your door.

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