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    Celebrating National Water Quality Month with Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee

    Hi, Tyler Mountain Water community! August is National Water Quality Month, so we are celebrating the benefits of fresh, clean, and SAFE water all month long by highlighting some of our most frequently asked questions.  

    You already know that putting the right things into your body for fuel and nutrition is important, but have you considered the differences in the water that you drink?  

    Water is essential to any living organism; it is a building block for sustaining life on Earth and helps us tolerate pain, increase energy levels, feel better, and function correctly overall. 

    Many people think that as long as you are drinking water, you’re all set, but that could not be further from the truth; you should see, taste, and even smell the difference in the water you drink. Tyler Mountain Water is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative and cost-effective filtration treatment and bottled water products. The last thing we want customers to lose is their peace of mind while drinking our water. 

    happy woman drinking blue bottled water in the car

    Tyler Mountain Water is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative and cost-effective filtration treatment and bottled water products. The last thing we want customers to lose is their peace of mind while drinking our water.

    IS Bottled Water Safe?

    Yes, but you need to know what is going into your bottled water and the process of filtration that it undergoes before drinking it. The FDA requires water filtration and bottled water companies to follow procedures to ensure that water is bottled and sold safely. At Tyler Mountain Water, we have over 90 years of bottled water experience for a reason – because we provide quality bottling, excellent tasting water, and are IBWA certified. This means that we constantly strive to be your one-stop-shop for water products by continuously ensuring that our products are safe and exceed industry standards

    The Tyler Mountain Difference

    Our bottled water products (and reusable jugs!) are great because they offer hydration on the go, give you complete control over the taste of your water and the food or coffee that you use our water to make, and do not contain chlorine. 

    A lot of bottled water that consumers drink is often just tap water that has been through a filtration process. However, our water is offered distilled, purified, or comes from an underground spring water source.  

    Our bottles are environmentally friendly, which means that they are reusable and recyclable, so you can rest assured that we take every precaution to inspect, sanitize, and reuse our bottles until they are retired to a rate of 99%. Plus, our 4-gallon bottles, single-serve bottles, and Mountain Valley glass bottles are BPA-free. 

    Products range from traditional returnable bottles, four-gallon non-returnable, single-serve bottled water, one-gallon water jugs, coolers and water dispensers, Mountain Valley Spring Water, and more. You can be confident in knowing that your water will be of the best quality possible. 

    What is Mountain Valley Spring Water?

    When we think of quality water, Mountain Valley Spring Water beats all of our expectations. 

    Mountain Valley Spring Water is fresh spring water delivered in glass containers from Hot Springs, Arkansas right to your door. This product is another excellent option for people who prefer to drink bottled or filtered water instead of out of a tap because it does not contain excessive minerals or chemicals. There is also no unpleasant odor, or taste like some water products have due to high mineral counts. 

    Tyler Mountain Water is proud to be a distributor of this brand. The water quality is top-notch because it is derived from natural springs, making it safe to drink and economically responsible. It is even offered in multiple options, including 5-gallon, 2.5-gallon, 1 liter, and .33 liter containers.

    How to Get Mountain Valley Water Delivery?

    You can choose your delivery date through your My Tyler Account Manager, or you can contact us directly to make changes. You’ll set up your first delivery date and schedule once you sign up for our delivery services, but dates can always be modified! We hire courteous, professional drivers who are delighted to bring quality water to your doorstep. We never want you to have an unpleasant experience, so our goal is to ensure that you have smooth deliveries every time. We’re in this business to serve customers, all while selling and delivering unique water products. 

    How Much Does Mountain Valley Spring Water Cost?

    Prices vary depending on the products and services you choose to deliver to your home or office. We know that there is no price tag on drinking healthy, uncontaminated water, but our goal is to ensure that your deliveries are cost-effective and on time, every time. Contact your Tyler Mountain Water representative for more information and taste the Tyler Mountain difference!

    Why is Water Filtration Important?

    Though our bottled water and Mountain Valley products go through filtration processes, there are still options available to obtain your own water filtration system as well. Water filtration is essential because you want to ensure that harmful contaminants like bacteria and chemicals are removed from the water before drinking it to avoid unexpected illnesses and other issues. Tyler Mountain offers multiple water filtration systems to ensure that our customers get the best water possible. These point-of-use filtration systems range from simple filtration to Reverse Osmosis, plus reasonable costs for filter changes.

    These products include: 

    • Glacier POU: A two-stage float system fits into a water cooler’s reservoir that consists of a primary float, secondary back-up, and indicator system to signal primary float failure.
    • Interpret: This product delivers a continuous supply of pure hot and cold drinking water at a touch of a button. 
    • CCT POU Cooler Onyx: A two-stage water filtration cooler, this filtration system has long-life filter elements that remove sediments and reduce chlorine, bad tastes, and odors from water. 

    Celebrating National Water Quality Month 

    What are some of your questions about our products or services? Feel free to contact us any time, and be sure to check out our Facebook page all month long by following

    @TylerMountainWaterWVKY for great tips, updates, and more on water quality facts and information!

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