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    Premium Products For The Office

    A great experience is built upon great products and services. At Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee, we specialize in both these areas. From our varied and diverse selections of bottled water products, to a full line of coffee and filtration options, we have the solution that will meet the needs of your office. We’re constantly adding to and tweaking our inventory to suit your needs, so check in often to see the refreshing and satisfying new things we’re offering!

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    Bottled Water


    large bottles in an office

    Our 3, 4, and 5 gallon water bottles are without a doubt the staple of what we sell here at Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee. Every day we distribute thousands of these to locations in and around Charleston, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

    If you’re looking for the iconic water bottle and cooler sitting neatly in your kitchen corner, break room, conference room, plant floor, or elsewhere around your place of business, we have just the water and equipment to meet your needs.

    Tyler Mountain Water single serve bottles

    Our 16.9 oz (or half liter) is our most popular and highest-selling bottle that we distribute. Every day, thousands of these are sold, bringing refreshment to homes, businesses, steel mills, power plants, and more.

    We made our name selling 8 oz spring bottles to the various mines and mills in and around the Charleston areas. We also have a convenient 10 oz Purified.

    These bottles are perfect for the conference room, the break room, the job site, or anywhere else you need water on the go. They come in several sizes and types to suit your needs. Order a case for your next delivery!


    working girl one gallon bottles

    One Gallon Traditional bottles are available in Spring or Distilled.

    Perfect for large meetings, hot manufacturing floors, or to keep in the fridge, our 1 gallon bottles offer you the right solution at the right price!

    mv glass with background

    Every drop of Mountain Valley Spring Water comes from a single, protected source near Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Its award-winning taste cannot be replicated because every spring is unique. The Mountain Valley bottling facility is located right atop the spring site, surrounded by 633 acres of pristine, company-owned forestland.

    These glass bottles come in 5 gallon, 2 1/2 gallon, 1 liter, and .33 liters. Treat your clients, co-workers, and customers to another level of refreshment with this premium water!





    Are you constantly making a new pot? Do you often run out of the single-serve K-cup style coffee? Are you looking for premium coffee with superior service at a budget-friendly price?

    Our Traditional Coffee Services consist of commercial grade brewers that make coffee in pot sizes of 64 oz up to 1.5 Gallons.  We carry brewers that brew into Stainless Steel carafes, glass-lined airpots, gravity dispensers, and traditional glass pots.

    We also carry many different blends of regular, decaf, and flavored coffee that will satisfy and delight your tastes!

    Contact us today to set you up with a solution that’s right for you!

    Single Serve Coffee

    The single serve systems have quickly become extremely popular due to the variety, ease, and enjoyment of using them. Gone are the days when you would brew an entire pot of coffee only to waste half of it and dump it down the drain because it didn’t get used. Get your favorite flavor, hot, fresh and now in under a minute!

    Fresh, efficient, and economical, the single serve option opens up a vast pallet of new choices for you. Not only are there various shades and degrees of regular and decaf, but you now have the option of choosing from a wide range of delicious, satisfying flavored coffees and teas, such as Wild Mountain Blueberry; French Vanilla; Cafe Mocha; Gingerbread; and so many more.b140 cutout

    With the adaption of the single serve coffee and teas, what once was a boring, routine task has become something fun and exciting to look forward to when you head into the office in the morning!

    Unsure about what to choose from? Contact us and one of our coffee experts will help you decide what’s right for you!

    Creamers, Sugar, and More

    creamer sugar and moreNo coffee service is complete without a vast supporting cast of enhancements to make your coffee and tea experience better, and at Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee, we have a great supporting cast!

    From sweetners like Equal, Splenda, and Sweet ‘N Low to creamers like Coffee Mate and International Delight, we’ve got what you need to flavor that cup of coffee or tea just the way you like it. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will be happy to help you get just the right combinations delivered right to your office door, so contact us today!

    Other Products for Your Office

    tyler products 2Did you know we carry a full lineup of other great products for your office, delivered right to your door, including:

    • Soda
    • Cutlery, paper plates, and napkins
    • Gatorade
    • Bottle Buddies, pumps, and handles for water bottles

    We are constantly looking for ways to meet more of your needs by providing products that are a fit for your business. Be sure to call today to see if we have what you’re looking for!

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