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    Customer Service is Our Top Priority

    At Tyler Mountain Water, excellence in customer service and ensuring that our customers are always satisfied with both the product and interactions with us are our top priorities. It is our goal to continue to provide you with quality products, including delicious bottled spring water. 

    Tyler Mountain will continue to make deliveries to our loyal residential and commercial customers throughout this COVID-19 crisis. However, we wanted to highlight how we are and have always practiced safety and sanitary measures to protect not only our customers but our drivers and staff as well.  

     Bottled Water in West Virginia

    Tyler Mountain has been delivering water to homes and businesses since the 1930s. We pride ourselves on getting deliveries to our customers during challenging circumstances while keeping up our consistent customer service for scheduled deliveries and special deliveries.  Making sure that you feel safe and secure is essential to us.

     Given the strange circumstances we find ourselves in at this time, we have decided to take extra precautions to keep both you and our drivers safe during this pandemic. We have always carried hand sanitizer and provided gloves during deliveries, but we are now sanitizing after each delivery and even delivering to the customer’s door(s) as requested without entering the home or business.  

     If a business has temporarily closed, we are happy to make accommodations.

    New Delivery Customers

    We will still be accepting new customers during this time, but our priority has to be to honor the orders already placed by existing customers and ensuring deliveries are fulfilled with our usual top-quality customer service and excellent staff.

     When you order Tyler Mountain Water, you’ll notice the difference right away; not only in customer service but in the quality of the products delivered. The taste of our water is second to none, and most importantly, it’s a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. This is especially important during these uncertain times and staying hydrated is just one way that can help you to stay well. Water might not have magical properties, but keeping yourself hydrated keeps your body’s fluid levels balanced. 

    It is also a perfect time to carry Tyler Mountain Water in 8oz, 10oz, or half-liter bottles so that you don’t have to enter stores to purchase something to drink while you travel or even eat lunch during the day.  

    Contact Information 

    If you need to reschedule an existing order, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your delivery or our products, please contact us at 800.273.6371 and our customer service people will be happy to assist you. 

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