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    Updated 09/03/2020
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    The Perfect Additions to Your Home and Office This Year

    At Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee, our coffee products are among some of our most popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from offering delicious, high-quality whole bean coffee to our commercial customers, we have a variety of amazing coffee flavors, condiments, and other products available for you, your employees, and customers to enjoy.

    Winter is here; now is the time to think about how to stay warm and alert with our tasty coffee that is available right here in West Virginia! Check out some of what we have to offer and how our products can benefit you this season.

    Over 70 K-Cup Options

    K-Cups are small individual pods that contain the basis of what is needed to make one of our delicious hot drinks. It might be coffee (flavored or otherwise), it could be tea, or it might even be Swiss Miss hot chocolate. These are popular because they allow customers to make barista-quality drinks without having to leave the office to go to a coffee shop. They are also efficient, as each K-Cup will create a single cup of coffee, which is ideal for travel, or for those who don’t wish to waste a large quantity of coffee.

    Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, the Perfect Beverage for Winter

    For those seeking a change from the norm, you might decide to favor hot chocolate over traditional coffee. Hot chocolate is a tasty beverage that can give your body the kick you sometimes need in the colder months. It can certainly be more fitting for the cold winter weather, especially throughout the holidays and start of the year. Our go-to is Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, a delicious treat that is sweet and warm. Plus, any excuse to put marshmallows on top of a hot drink is a win!

    Bigelow Tea and Amazing Flavors

    We also have some fantastic tea products, like Bigelow Tea. Tea is a refreshing alternative that can be brewed either iced or hot. Stock up for your office with different flavors for customers to enjoy this season.

    Tea is versatile, making it the perfect accompaniment to any office kitchen cupboard, alongside your whole bean coffee that we offer here at Tyler Mountain for commercial customers. Check out our packets of Bigelow Tea and our other brews, available in a range of different flavors that are perfect for your next sales meeting, client visit, or early morning phone call.

    Contact Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee

    Make the most of our products this season by checking out some of the most delicious hot beverages on the market right now. Mix things up with flavored K-Cup pods, try Swiss Miss hot chocolate, experiment with our coffee and tea products, and be sure to ask us questions about recommendations! Contact Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee today to set up your office delivery service.

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