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    Can I Use Bottled Water in My Coffee Machine?

    Bottled Water Or Ordinary Water

    We don’t always give much thought to the water we use for our cup of coffee. You want to know where the water comes from that you use to drink, bathe, or wash clothes and dishes. If you have several cups of coffee per day, the type of water you will add to your coffee machine is just as important as the one that you drink with your dinner. 

    If you don’t particularly love the tap water in your area for drinking, how can you like it in your morning coffee? A viable solution to this is buying bottled water. While tap water can be used in your coffee machine, it is crucial to follow specific instructions. Find out more below.   

    How Does Bottled Water Influence Your Coffee?

    Bottled water is an excellent option to improve the flavor and consistency of your coffee. Distilled or purified water is suitable if you drink flavorless water, but these types don’t suit coffee brewing and others. 

    Tap water is the most common choice, but the quality and mineral content will vary from area to area. You might find that your home may have a hard type of water, likely to leave debris and scale on the coffee machine. Bottled water is the perfect compromise between the two kinds. It does not contain harmful compounds, but it yields the mineral content necessary to improve your coffee cup – around 150 parts per million. 

    The Benefits of Using Bottled Water in Your Coffee

    • It is readily available
    • It offers you full control over the taste of your cup of coffee
    • You can pick the type of water that best suit your preferences and taste
    • It does not contain chlorine (while this is an advantage, you will need to drink the water within a couple of days of opening the bottle.
    • It does not leave debris and scale behind, so there are fewer chances that you will notice white marks on your coffee machine
    • You can increase your coffee machine’s durability and lifespan by cleaning and descaling it regularly

    Tips for Using Bottled Water in Your Coffee 

    • If your coffee machine has a water reservoir, change the water often and prevent it from going stale
    • Check the bottled water mineral content to ensure that it will suit your tastes and preferences
    • Recycle plastic water bottles after use
    • Invest in gallon jugs to use instead of bottles altogether
    • Setup delivery to regularly stock your bottled water 

    Bottom Line

    Using bottled water in your coffee can be an excellent way to improve your brew’s flavor and consistency. Indeed, most bottled water types will retain the minimum mineral content necessary to improve the coffee’s overall flavor. 

    Simultaneously, bottled water does not contain any chlorine, which will make it go off much faster once the bottle is open. Some best practices include changing the water in the coffee machine every couple of days, cleaning the water reservoir, and mindfully disposing of the plastic bottle.

    Are you ready to up your water game in Poca? We can help! Contact us today to get started.

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