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    Answers from the Water and Coffee Delivery Experts 

    If you are a coffee connoisseur, you probably have your coffee knowledge down; from the type of machine to use for a certain blend to the best brands to purchase for ultimate flavor. You might have your coffee ritual set in place, but what about the water you’re using?

    Not considering the type and quality of water that you use to make your coffee is one of the most common mistakes that coffee drinkers tend to make. Most people are unaware that the water they choose DOES make a significant impact on the taste of their coffee. Since one cup of coffee is made up of mostly water, you want to ensure that you pair your coffee with the water that suits your taste buds because coffee does, in fact, come from more than just ground-up coffee beans.

    What Are the Different Water Options?

    At Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee, we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service by offering an assortment of coffee machines, brands, and brews, as well as water machines, purifiers, and other products. We have something for every taste preference down to the type of water a person prefers to drink. These four options include purified, filtered, distilled, and spring. Whichever brand of water you choose will determine the water options you have available for delivery (size, type, etc.).

    To break each one of these options down, we’ve defined the terms below:

    Purified Water – most of the impurities are removed, but some of the good minerals are removed, too. However, purifying systems like reverse osmosis help add the minerals back into the water, which Tyler Mountain has available to our customers through point-of-use filtration systems.

    Filtered Water – water that has been cleaned of major impurities but still contains most of its natural minerals. 

    Distilled Water – distilled is similar to filtered water, having both impurities and minerals removed. This type of water tends to be less flavorful than bottled water or tap water. 

    Spring Water – water that naturally reaches the surface but is obtained from an underground aquifer.

    Brewing a great cup of coffee means using the right water. Depending on the type of coffee, some work better with hard water, and some work better with soft water. Only a truly skilled chemist or water expert should go to these extremes to figure out the science behind it all, but you can go off your taste preferences based on the types of water offered above.

    What Does Great Coffee Taste Like?

    You should never use water to make coffee that doesn’t look or taste good by itself. The water you use for coffee (and drink separately!) should be clean, free of color or odors, and come from a trusted source. Depending on your location, for example, tap water may not be the best source of water to drink or make your coffee with each day. 

    Good coffee is flavorful and has a balanced aroma of acidity and sweetness. Coffee tastes can range from fruity, floral, nutty, chocolatey, or even a special flavor like peppermint or coffee cake. Bitterness can be tasted in coffee, especially if the coffee is black without any creamer or sweeteners in it, but the bitterness should not overwhelm the cup. 

    Which Water Should I Choose?

    Great-tasting coffee needs to have at least some mineral content in the water. Since the distillation process makes the water much softer, it typically does not obtain much, if any, minerals. The only way to get the flavor back into the water is to boil it or through the reverse osmosis process. 

    We recommend avoiding distilled water in your coffee unless you are looking for a much less flavorful and thin-bodied cup of joe. 

    Filtered water, purified water, and spring water are much more flavorsome options to use in your coffee, especially when offered in a bottled form. 

    Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee has several products available to our customers depending on taste preferences and needs. Some of these options include: 

    • Bottomless Water Systems – options include traditional water coolers without the bottle, push-button Interpure systems, or Onyx space-saving machines.
    • Bottled Water Coolers and Equipment – several bottled water coolers are available, whether it be for home or commercial use.
    • Traditional Bottled Water – reusable water bottles offered in 3, 4, or 5-gallons available in spring, distilled, or purified water.
    • Single Serve – 8, 10, or 16.9-ounce bottles available for one-time use. The 8 and 16.9-ounce options are available in spring water and the 10-ounce in purified water.
    • One-Gallon Traditional Bottles – available in spring or distilled types and are both sold as six-packs.
    • Mountain Valley Spring Water – spring water that is available in 2.5-gallon, 5-gallon, 0.33 liter, or 1-liter glass bottles.

    It may take some trial and error to figure out which type of water is right for you when it comes to brewing coffee. Here at Tyler Mountain, we’re happy to help you customize your shipments and make recommendations on our products. Contact us today for more information.

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