Water On the Brain? Good!

It’s true that you can drown your brain with excessive water consumption. However, you would have to drink so much more than your natural impulses dictate that your odds of harming yourself in this manner are so small as to be of no concern. Rather, you face more realistic problems inside your head when you consume too little water. When you dehydrate, all your cells lose water critical for functioning and shrink, including those of your brain. What are the benefits to your brain when you avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of good, pure water?

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain

Most of us have experienced some level of dehydration in our lives. During exercise and episodes of heavy sweating, we lose water rapidly. Illnesses and certain medications can dry us out too. While you can become mildly dehydrated without feeling thirst, usually the other physical discomforts compel you to drink fluids before you get too sick. Along with thirst and the many symptoms of dehydration you experience in your body, you can also feel the effects in your brain with mental fatigue, dizziness and confusion.

According to researchers, even mild dehydration can reduce your cognitive abilities. You can become more forgetful, less able to perform simple math, have difficulty tracking movement visually and suffer slower reaction times. You might even become inexplicably moody. Furthermore, you can become absolutely distracted simply because your sensation of thirst becomes foremost on your mind. When work, school and family life require you to stay sharp, take frequent drinks of water.

Good hydration starts with pure unadulterated water

Can You Hydrate With Soft Drinks Instead of Water?

Good hydration always starts with pure, unadulterated water. Not only does it quench thirst better than any other beverage, but water also delivers trace minerals. But purified or spring water, unlike soft drinks, won’t fill you with any of the chemicals your body can’t use and must spend energy resources to eliminate. However, milk, tea, and coffee also help you hydrate your brain without burdening yourself with substances your brain doesn’t recognize as healthy. They also don’t load you with refined sugar and calories. You’ll find it easier to keep excess weight off by avoiding sweetened drinks. Wouldn’t such a benefit improve your mood?

Your Brain Will Thank You for High Quality Water

You can certainly keep yourself hydrated by the consumption of municipal tap water, but you may have to work hard at it. Tap water usually contains residual chemicals used to kill off microbes and may have more dissolved minerals than your taste buds prefer. Using a filter at the tap helps if it can remove particulates and chemicals down to the submicron level. But drinking Tyler Mountain purified or spring water satisfies your thirst because we remove excess minerals and all impurities. It tastes clean because it is. You’ll always enjoy drinking your water when it comes from Tyler Mountain Water.

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