Traditional Coffee Offerings Sent to You by Tyler Mountain

Tyler Mountain provides a variety of beverages for the home or office. No matter what type of hot beverage you prefer or where you need it, you can trust that Tyler Mountain will get it to you.

Three Main Types of Traditional Coffee

Types of traditional coffee correspond with the type of brewer you prefer. An advantage is that you won’t have to worry about where to dispose of all those single-serving cups that seem to accumulate faster than you can discard them.

  • Pour-over Brewed — This requires no installed waterlines. You will need to pour enough water to make one pot of coffee into the machine before you run it. They don’t require much installation, so they can be used wherever you have a standard electrical outlet. You might, however, prefer the automatic instead.
  • Automatic Brewed — For this one, a waterline that requires installation is attached to the brewer. It’s quicker in one way, in that it doesn’t call for pouring water into it. It also can be plugged into just about anywhere in your home or business that has a wall outlet. It does have one limitation: it requires placement near the waterline, which might be a small price to pay depending on how much coffee is consumed on your property.
  • Bottle-type Brewed — You can have jugs of water sent to your home or business along with the brewers to which they would attach. It’s a crossover between the traditional and automatic brewers, and the water that dispenses for percolation still preserves your coffee’s flavor.

Our House Brand Offerings

Our house brand is New England Coffee. We have up to 44 varieties available in seasonal flavors, and we offer dark, medium and light roasts.  For the seasonal flavors, we also provide decaf Pumpkin Spice along with one of several regular selections: Chocolate Almond, Banana Split, Strawberry Shortcake and others. Columbian, French Roast, San Francisco, Full City and additional choices make up the dark roasts. Different medium and light strengths include Guatemala Eyeopener, Donut Shop and Breakfast Blend. Pending availability, decaf medium and light roasts are also found.

Other varieties are made available throughout the year. Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea are also available in both the regular and decaffeinated versions.

Our house brand is New England Coffee. We have up to 44 varieties available in seasonal flavors, and we offer dark, medium and light roasts.

Additional Brands

Tyler Mountain also delivers not only coffee but also tea and hot chocolate made by your favorite companies. Examples include offerings by these brands.  

Starbucks — It’s like having that coffee shop flavor without having to make a run for all your co-workers during break. Enjoy all roasts include dark, medium or light. Many of the year-round and seasonal flavors are available in decaf. Some hot chocolates and teas are offered throughout the year.

Green Mountain — Blends that are made available at different times of the year include their version of Donut Shop, Dark Magic and Breakfast blend.

Eight OClock — This brand, which is famous for its whole bean varieties, also provides a multitude of roast types and flavors. 

Even More Brands of Coffee and Tea

Check out the selection of Seattle’s Best, Maxwell House and Folgers that is also available. There’s one to suit changing tastes as well as enough choices to accommodate longtime coffee drinkers who stick to one brand. TAZO, Crystal Light, Lipton and Bigelow iced and hot teas are also available, and Tyler Mountain carries Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.

Browse the varieties of Tyler Mountain products available at our website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us or call 1 (800) 864-8957 to learn more.

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