Tips To Increase Water Intake at WorkDrinking enough water to stay fully hydrated should be easy, but it’s trickier than it seems. In fact, most people are unable to do it regularly. According to the Mayo Clinic website, men should drink almost four liters of water per day, and women, just shy of three liters. If you are honest with yourself, you can probably admit that you seriously need to increase your water intake.

Five Ways To Help You Drink More Water

Have easy access to water. You won’t drink enough water if it’s a hassle. Whether you opt for a bottle-free water dispenser at work or choose to carry around a reusable water bottle, having water available when and where you are is probably the best way of ensuring that you drink more of it. A great option is to bring along a water bottle with an integrated filter system to be sure of always getting the purest water possible.

Make drinking water a habit. Like anything else, once you get into the habit of drinking more water, it’s much easier to do. Try creating a water-drinking routine such as having a glass immediately after getting to work each day or each time you come home after a busy day. If you have a water cooler at the office or a water fountain at school, sip a little each time you walk by.

Food can be a great source of water as well. Drinking water and other beverages are not the only ways you can stay hydrated. Lots of fruits and vegetables contain a surprisingly large amount of water. When thinking of water-rich food, the first one to pop in your head is probably watermelon, but cucumbers contain even more water by weight. Other foods that have a large percentage of water are apples, tomatoes and celery.

Tips To Increase Water Intake at WorkLearn to love the taste of water. Sure, water offers many benefits, but it’s not the tastiest drink out there. You can make water more palatable by adding a wide range of water enhancers. A squeeze of lime or lemon is a wonderful, natural way to add a bit of tang without consuming any additional calories. Several companies sell low-calorie powders, tablets and drops that can impart a wide range of flavors to your water.

Use a water-drinking app. Yes, believe it or not, there is an app for that. Actually, there are many free and paid applications available for both iOS and Android. Use these apps to help remind you to take a timeout for some water and track how much you drink throughout the day. Most applications have similar functions but vary when it comes to appearance. Some apps automatically calculate the water content for other beverages, like coffee, smoothies and soda, to provide more accurate results.

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