The 5 Best Apps to Keep You Hydrated

Ask any health professional, and they’ll say that drinking enough water is one of the most essential health routines. Proper hydration is linked to dozens of benefits, including weight loss, cardiovascular health and brain function. Yet, it’s alarmingly easy to go several hours without remembering to take a drink. How many times have you been at the office or on the go, when you’ve realized you’ve gone too long without water?

Phone apps can provide an easy and fun way to track water intake and set reminders to ensure proper hydration. We put together a list of the five best apps to help you stay hydrated. Drink up!

Hydro Coach

This Android app serves as your own digital hydration coach. Hydro Coach can either determine a water consumption target for you based on your characteristics, or allow you to set your own. Set up a regular reminder to drink water, and track your daily successes with an easy-to-navigate analysis.


If you’re looking for simplicity, WaterMinder is perfect for you. This well-designed app lets you report water intake with just one tap on your phone. It’s also Siri-enabled, allowing you to tell your phone when you’ve had a drink. With more than 10,000 reviews in the App Store and a 4.8 rating, you can’t go wrong with WaterMinder.

Water Drink Reminder

Simple and reliable, the Water Drink Reminder app provides cool tech integration and backed-up, restorable data. You can sync your health information and water intake data with Google Fit and S Health. If you don’t have easy access to your phone, you can report your drinking on a smartwatch with a couple of taps.

Phone apps can provide an easy and fun way to track water intake and set reminders to ensure proper hydration.


Claiming to be the first water intake tracker in app form, Aqualert has had a head start on perfecting its user experience. Availabe in both Android and IOS, the app contains “Stay Motivated” reminders that show you how your water consumption is affecting different aspects of your overall health. Aqualert also prompts users to set bedtime hours to avoid unwanted reminders during the night.

Plant Nanny

This app turns water intake into a game. Perhaps the most fun of all hydration apps, Plant Nanny displays a user-chosen plant on the screen. As you drink water, the plant thrives. If you aren’t getting enough, the plant withers and eventually dies. Plant Nanny provides a great visual reminder of how essential water is for life.

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