Single-Serve Coffee Offerings

You have a business to run, and sometimes you don’t have much time to wait for an entire coffee pot to brew. If so, you also perhaps don’t want to waste so many grounds if you know you’ll just be left with wasted coffee. Tyler Mountain brings you the best in single-serving coffee cups and corresponding brewing machines. 

Brewer Offerings

Keurig makes a swift K1500 commercial brewer suitable for small businesses. It allows users to customize their selection and strength (including a “strong” button), and it makes 6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce cup sizes. Its Quiet Brew Technology minimizes noises, so it works well for meeting rooms. The K500 and K3500 coffee makers are also available, and their modern design makes them as attractive on the outside as useful on the inside.  You also can choose among the Uniserve, Segafredo and AquaCafe coffer makers.

Not only do many of these machines make a multitude of dark, medium and light coffees, but they also have functions for making single cups of cappuccino and espresso. In addition, some single-serving machines offered by Tyler Mountain will make you a hot cup of tea, cold brew, iced coffee, hot chocolate and more.

Brands of Coffee Offered by Tyler Mountain

You don’t have to worry about not having enough variety. This list includes only some of the brands that use popular brewers and are used at many commercial places:

Green Mountain Coffee — This is one of our top single-serving brands. We have many of the same popular coffees that you would find in the traditional pouches. Some choices include Donut House, Hazelnut, Breakfast Blend, Half-caff and decaf, and French Vanilla. The regular coffee comes in both mild and strong tastes.

Starbucks — Pike Place and Sumatran are the two main types available. Check in to find out what others are available at different times of the year.

Eight O’Clock — You might know this brand as the one that has some of the highest quality whole bean coffees in the world. However, they do also provide their own K-Cups for single-serving machines.

Swiss Miss — Have it shipped to you with or without marshmallows, and a sugar-free version is available. This is a powdered drink mix.

Bigelow — This famous tea brand makes single-serving tea packets. Some brewers have settings you can use for producing them.

Celestial Seasoning — Green, Mandarin Orange Spice, Decaf or Chai are some single-serving teas they offer.

Some single-serving machines offered by Tyler Mountain will make you a hot cup of tea, cold brew, iced coffee, hot chocolate and more.

Countless other flavors and brands are also provided. Krispy Kreme, Newman’s Own or Cinnabon name a few. Folger’s, Caribou, Tully’s and REVV include a few more. Tyler Mountain also provides hot apple cider, and seasonable flavors include Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, Island Coconut and Toasted Marshmallow.

Explore the finest in single-cup coffees and teas brought to you by Tyler Mountain. Contact us if you have any questions about offerings for your office or home. 

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