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Cooler Specifications, Warranties, and Manuals

  • High gloss finish with stainless look and sliding front door
  • Holds 3, 4, and 5 gallon bottles
  • LED light over faucet area
  • LED low water indicator light
  • SmartFlo™ SF-1 Water Cartridge – replacing is simple, quick and hygenic
  • Ergonomic – higher dispense point
  • Energy Star certified
  • Commercial grade and quality construction
  • Large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles
  • Winner of the 2012 European Aqua Awards for Best Product Innovation
  • Cleaning Guide

Storm Bottom Load Cooler Featured Items

  • DryGuard™ – Patented no spill system
  • Epoxy coated aluminum evaporator band
  • One piece blow molded polyethylene cabinet
  • Tomlinson FDA approved self-closing faucets
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Free standing internal structure
  • Two color options – White & Black
  • Plastic (HDPE) cold water removable reservoir – Select models
  • #304 stainless steel cold water removable reservoir – Select models
  • #304 stainless steel hot tank – External mica heater band
  • Noise dampening technology – Compressor muffler system
  • Optional POU conversion kit in white and black
  • Cleaning Guide

 Ice & Water Dispensers

  • 11 pounds of ice per day output
  • Will keep 9 pounds of ice on hand
  • Cubed and crushed ice
  • Hot and cold water with adjustable temperature feature
  • Plumbed in or use a 5 gallon jug
  • Bottom can be used for a freezer
  • Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading
  • LED display indicates when cold and hot water are at the optimum temperature
  • Small footprint conveniently fits kitchen or office
  • Compressor operated for efficient water temperature recovery
  • One piece drip tray is dishwasher safe
  • Optional color in black and white
  • Tomlinson® Touch Guard® Hot faucet
  • Tomlinson® FDA approved self-closing cold & room temperature faucets
  • #304 drawn stainless one piece cold tank
  • #304 stainless hot tank
  • #304 stainless waterways
  • No spill device with leak prevention
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel side panel & lower panels
  • One piece ABS drip tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Internal self-supporting frame
  • Energy Star Certified

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