Bottless Water Systems

Enjoy all the benefits of clean, clear, and safe drinking water without the heavy lifting! Choose between traditional-looking water coolers (without the bottle), the push-button convenience of the Interpure, or the space saving Onyx.

Bottleless Water Cooler Glacier POU

Glacier POU

This latest point of use conversion kit retrofits to all of Crystal Mountain’s current models. The two-stage float system easily fits onto the cooler’s reservoir. Features include a primary float and a secondary back up with manual reset. Also includes indicator system to signify primary float failure.

Bottleless Water Cooler Interpure

D25 Touch-less Cooler

Touch Free Point of Use High Capacity water cooler. Intuitive touch free sensors dispense cook and cold water without touching use display panel. Durable, self-closing faucets make it easy to operate while the concealed, lift –out drip tray allows the end user the ability to refill multiple cup sizes.
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Bottleless Water Cooler Onyx

Aquarius POU Cooler


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