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Not only do we carry a wide variety of traditional water in varying sizes, we have expanded our lineup to include difference specialty waters. From high-alkaline to sparkling to water with added electrolytes, Aqua Filter Fresh, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the perfect water for your lifestyle.

Evamore Alkaline Artesian Water

Evamor is a great-tasting alkaline artesian water with a pH of 8.8 – 9.1, perfected by nature over thousands of years for a great taste that’s rich in natural alkaline and mineral goodness. It’s a water alive with rich minerals and electrolytes.

Life is full of choices: exercise routines, diets, goals, resolutions, commitments. But everyone needs water. And something as simple as drinking a better water can lead to better things. Take a sip in the right direction, make a change in the water you drink, and harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your diet and your life.

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New Crystilled Vapor Water With Electrolytes

Infused with electrolytes and vapor distilled, this high-tech water is perfect for your night out, your sporting event, job site, or just lounging around the pool! Not only will it refresh your thirsty pallet, it will actually replenish your system with minerals your body needs to function at high level.

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