Five Helpful Apps To Remind You To Drink WaterHealth experts agree: everyone needs to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The best way to keep your body hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Coffee, tea, sodas and other drinks are okay, but it’s water that is the healthiest drink of all. If you don’t drink enough water, dehydration can occur and cause everything from headaches to major health issues.

We all live busy lifestyles and forget to consume water when we should. Plus, how can we tell if we are drinking enough water in the first place? Experts agree that proper hydration is based on your sex, weight, age, activity level and where you live, among other factors. Fortunately, technology has stepped in with some helpful and easy-to-use apps that will remind you when it’s time to take a drink. All you have to do is download them on your mobile device, enter some data and start on the road to better hydration and health. But before you adjust your diet and water intake, please consult a doctor or health practitioner to learn what is the healthiest amount for you.

Take a look at some of the best apps that can help you remember to drink enough water:

Hydro Coach Coaches For Better Hydration

Hydro Coach is a free app that features a handy calculator that can help you determine, customize and set your daily water intake goals. It will remind you when it is time to drink, which will keep you hydrated and healthy.

Water Drink Reminder Reminds and More

Water Drink Reminder is a free app designed to help you develop healthier hydration habits. It provides a daily log of your water and other drink intake and includes schedules, graphs, alarms and more.

Water Minder Customizes Hydration Goals

Water Minder is a free and easy-to-use app that guides you to set customized hydration goals, visually watch your progress and improvement, and set reminders so that you can reach optimal hydration. Get motivated by earning badges while creating healthier habits.

Aqaulert Alerts and Calculates Water Consumption

Aqaulert is an app that allows you to track your water consumption and easily check your progress at a glance with visual graphs. It also tracks your activity level to calculate the amount of water you need on a daily basis and has a special bedtime mode, so it won’t remind you while you sleep.

Five Helpful Apps To Remind You To Drink Water

Plant Nanny Grows With Your Hydration Goals

Plant Nanny is a free app that is all about making meeting your hydration goals fun and motivating. It features adorable plant cartoons that help you along your hydration journey. When you drink water, your virtual plants get watered, too. You can add and grow your very own plant family. This interactive, fun and engaging app is designed to keep you entertained while meeting your healthy hydration goals.

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