Nothing quenches thirst quite like pure, refreshing Tyler Mountain Spring, Purified, or Distilled waters. By “pure,” we mean water which must live up to our high standards first and then equal or exceed that of EPA and FDA standards or those held for municipal tap waters. What’s the difference between our Spring, Purified, and Distilled? Below, we’ll run through Tyler Mountain Water’s enhanced multi-barrier process for each type and explain the difference.  

Spring Water Source

Not all spring water sources are created equal for sure. Ours has its roots deep in the remote wilderness. Although the water flows naturally to the surface, we have tapped the water deep in the aquifer before it reaches the surface, just for an additional layer of protection and crispness.

Spring Water Treatments

Go ahead and compare our processes to any other. We choose to make all our water go through a rigorous quality process. Does theirs?

Our process:

  1. Collected at the source to safeguard the water’s natural characteristics
  2. Treated with the first ultraviolet (UV) light
  3. First particulate filtration
  4. Temporary storage for truck tankers
  5. Transferred to sanitary stainless steel tanks and shipped directly to our plant
  6. Off-loaded at the plant through its second UV sanitation unit
  7. Second particulate filtration
  8. Transferred via all stainless steel piping to the large stainless steel silo
  9. Here the water continuously receives its third round of UV treatment including HEPA filter and separate UV treatment for the air
  10. Third particulate removal through .45 micron filter
  11. Final micron electro absorptive membrane filtration for polishing
  12. A special fourth UV 4-Log process for added bacterial and virus assurances
  13. Transferred to an ozone disinfection tank. Mother nature at its best.
  14. Fifth UV sanitization
  15. Transfer to the filler room where the positive flow air is also UV sanitized and HEPA filtered
  16. Then and only then does the water get transferred to the bottles which have also undergone a lengthy, multi-step cleaning, sanitization and monitoring process

As you can clearly see, our spring water, according to our standards, takes quite a bit of work before we are happy with its purity. Only then will we put our name on it. Our distilled water, of course, goes through an equally rigorous, but somewhat different process.

Distilled Water Source

With distilled water, we start with Plum Boro, Pennsylvania’s regular old municipal water. Relax, that’s where things stop, and you won’t recognize it once we’re through with it.

Spring water comes from a natural underground aquifer where it flows above ground. Obtaining the water can happen by drilling into the aquifer or piping it from its natural outlet. This water contains minerals and other substances trapped in the water in the aquifer.

Distilled Water Treatments

Here’s what we do to create our special distilled water:

  1. Municipal water goes through dual water softener to reduce harness
  2. Filter it with activated carbon to remove chlorine and THMs
  3. Apply the first round of UV sanitizing light
  4. Push it through a high-capacity charged membrane filter
  5. Then do the same through reverse osmosis system
  6. At this point we use vapor distillation by boiling the water into steam. As the water is evaporated and condenses, the steam is allowed to cool, transforming it into pure water
  7. Transfer via all the stainless steel piping to the large stainless steel silo
  8. Here the water continuously receives its second round of UV treatment including HEPA filter and separate UV treatment for the air
  9. Send it for a final polishing to the micron electro absorptive membrane filtration
  10. Zap any unwanted bacteria and viruses, which at this point is just our assurance of product disinfection and safety with the third round of UV via 4-Log reduction
  11. And finally, transfer the ultra-pure water to the UV-cleaned sanitary filler room for bottling.

Last, but not least in any way, shape or form, is our Purified Water

Purified Water Source

Many other companies that only RO water. We’re not like many other companies. To hold the high standards that we have set, we choose to only use the water which goes through and is made by our distilled water process.

Purified Water Treatments

To follow our treatment process is very simple. Just follow the prior distilled water treatment steps, plus one:

We re-mineralize the distilled water with the addition of electrolytes in calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate. With our water process, and unique blend of minerals, we created a distinctive, refreshing taste which is oh so crisp and pure.

They All Come Out Pure, So How Do I Choose?

We explained what the differences are in each of the three treatment processes. We have done all the hard work to assure you of the quality water in every bottle we produce. Now you can see how each one can be different from the other. So all you have to do is pick the taste that you prefer for a healthier lifestyle.

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