Tyler Mountain Water has reached its 40th Anniversary Celebration! We sat down with our owners to reflect on the past 40 years of business at Tyler Mountain.

What is your name and your role at Tyler Mountain Water?

Bill: My name is Bill Bell, Founder and Chairman of the Board.

Kathy: My name is Kathy Bell, and I’d like to think my role is being part of our Tyler Team.

What inspired you to get involved in the water industry?

Bill: Just luck — worked a four-hour shift on the production line at Polar while going to school and stayed 14 years. Started Bell Sales and then Aqua Filter Fresh, Inc. Tyler Mountain Water.

Kathy: It was Bill who always worked in the bottled water industry, and when he started Aqua Filter Fresh/Tyler Mountain, I was drafted into the business, and it became a lifelong adventure.

What were some of the main challenges you’ve faced over the last 40 years in business?

Bill: Borrowing money to keep growing the business.

Kathy: Balancing family and work in the early years.

What were some of the biggest highlights for you over the last 40 years in business?

Bill: Seeing people and associates grow into senior and management roles. Every deal we ever made was a success.

Kathy: For me, the highlights came from our employees, International Bottled Water, our distributors that we became friends with and our competitors. It was always a matter of trust. Great things are rarely achieved by one person.

What are some of your fondest Tyler Mountain Water memories from the past 40 years?

Bill: The longevity of employees who joined us young and old that stayed until retirement.

Kathy: I would have to say building the new plant, the picnics, planning and decorating the home shows, new babies and watching them grow.

If you could give advice to yourself 40 years ago, what would it be?

Bill: Always look people in the eyes and tell the truth even if it is painful.

Kathy: I really try never to look back unless it was an amazing time…otherwise, I would say stop worrying! Your life will be what you make it, and worrying won’t help.

Where do you see Tyler Mountain Water going in the future?

Bill: Hopefully to continue to grow and provide good service.

Kathy: We have the best leaders that will lead the company to grow where everyone and everything matters.

What has been the most rewarding part of the last 40 years in business?

Bill: The wonderful friendships developed over the years — some I think of as family.

Kathy: Doing what I love and enjoy. Believe me, those 40 years went by in a blink.

Describe what TMW means to you on a personal level.

Bill: The amazing satisfaction of hearing Tyler Mountain being praised for our great employees, customer service and a foundation of trust.

Kathy: I am so very proud of Tyler Mountain…it is a reflection of all I believe.

What makes Tyler Mountain Water different from other water delivery companies?

Bill: Our people! Which I will always be eternally grateful for.

Kathy: I am so proud when I see one of our trucks on the road. Our drivers are our mainstay to our customers. In addition, where would we be without the people on the bottling line, sales personnel, phone customer service, those who maintain our accounts and the ones that maintain our bottling lines, trucks and buildings?

What is your favorite part about working at Tyler Mountain Water?

Bill: Maintaining a family atmosphere as the company grows.

Kathy: People, babies and pets.

What is your favorite product that Tyler Mountain Water offers?

Bill: Great-tasting spring water.

Kathy: What could taste better than a great cup of coffee made with Tyler Mountain Spring Water?

What is your secret to being in business for 40 years?

Bill: The harder I worked, the luckier I got.

Kathy: The leadership, no greater gift than communication, innovation, a healthy culture and most importantly, good employees. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. If an employee left to better themselves, then we did a good job guiding them, and they would always be welcomed back. The same goes for customers, distributors and vendors — they will always be our lifeline to success.

What is on the horizon for Tyler Mountain Water in the next 40 years?

Bill: Continue to grow and take our culture to surrounding areas.

Kathy: Always find a way to do better.

What is your favorite part of living in the Pittsburgh area?

Bill: It’s a great place to raise a family, good schools and change of seasons.

Kathy: Everyone totally falls in love with Pittsburgh, the people, four seasons of natural beauty, food, sports, museums, affordable housing…it’s a place to call home.

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