10 Common Dehydration Symptoms

Sometimes, it happens. You might end up so busy that you forget to drink water. If you notice any of the following symptoms, dehydration could be the reason.

1. Thirst and Dry Mouth

If your mouth feels dry and you’re thirsty, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are dehydrated. However, these symptoms begin before any dehydration ever starts. If your mouth starts to feel too dry and sticky, make sure you drink some water as soon as possible.

2. Frequent Urination

Alcohol, certain medications and antihistamines all cause you to urinate frequently. Certain types of antidepressants also can cause this. Drinking more than 300 mg of coffee could be another reason this happens. It means you’re releasing too many fluids and could dehydrate soon.

3. Dizziness

You might experience this when outside in the hot sun for extended periods. You also could experience dizziness if you don’t drink enough water before strenuous work or exercise. If you do feel dizzy, slowly sip on some water to prevent yourself from fainting.

4. Dry Skin

First, your insides, such as your muscles, feel the effects of insufficient fluids. Eventually, a lack of water will cause your skin to feel dry. It might even start to flake and feel itchy.

5. Fatigue

It’s often one of the early signs of heat exhaustion, along with dizziness. Not taking enough time to recover after cardio repetitions could also cause this problem. Have a water bottle nearby during times when you plan to exercise or perform strenuous tasks such as moving boxes.

Have a water bottle nearby during times when you plan to exercise or perform strenuous tasks such as moving boxes.

6. Muscle Cramps

This often happens when jogging outside in hot weather. Remember to perform warm-up and cool-down stretches before and after any vigorous routines. Sipping on water every so often will also lubricate your system and prevent muscle cramps.

7. Headache

After a while, not enough water causes headaches. It makes matters worse if you’re outside in the heat and did not sleep well the night before. Take care of yourself and keep liquids and water-based foods nearby you at all times.

8. Rapid Heartbeat

Dehydration thickens your blood, which makes your heart pump faster. When you notice your heart acting up, drink at least a bit of water. You don’t necessarily need to hurriedly gulp down a whole glass of water, but slowly take drinks until your heart rate returns to normal.

9. Sunken Eyes

This could happen when you don’t feel motivated to drink water when sick. Your eyes also might sink if you try to drink liquids and cannot keep them in your system. Keep trying, however. Sip it slowly until you know your stomach can handle larger portions of it without vomiting.

10. Fainting

It’s an advanced stage of dizziness. Eventually, you could become lightheaded and faint. Lack of water for too long could even knock you unconscious. Always make sure you have an emergency supply of liquids around you when possible.

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