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    Tyler Mountain Water offers both commercial and residential delivery services to its customers. With a vast amount of products, machinery, and options, we have something for everyone to enjoy.


    What water services do you offer to the community?


    We offer a wide variety. We offer five gallon bottles of our spring water, alkaline water, distilled water, and our reverse osmosis purified water all in 5 gallon containers. And we also provide them three gallon containers of the spring water, only. And then we also have our cases of water which are the half liters which are 16.9 ounces. We have the 10 ounce. We have the 8 ounce. The half liters come in spring water and purified water. Then we also offer one gallon throw away containers of the spring water and distilled water for a lot of places that use it like on an emergency water type basis like a nursing home, hospital, any type of where they would use it in equipment so on and so forth, but those are pretty much the four specific water services we provide to our customers.


    Awesome. Okay, what are the different processes that your water goes through? I know you mentioned some of them briefly just now, but if you could just go into some more detail for us.


    We offer the spring water which comes from the source in the ground. Then we have the reverse osmosis. It goes through that process which takes all the impurities out. Then we have the distilled water as well. And then we have the higher alkaline water which has a higher pH level in it. So those are the four processes and the four types of water that we provide to our commercial and residential customers.


    So what is reverse osmosis? What is that process?


    It is a process where all the impurities in the minerals are taken out of the water and it goes through a reverse osmosis process. It does have the fluoride still left in the water compared to like a spring water that does not have the the fluoride because the spring water is like I said just comes from that source in the ground.


    So what would you say are the main differences between commercial and residential water delivery?


    There is no difference. Because we deliver again to all commercial or residential customers. We deliver either every 14 days or every 28 days based on the amount of water that they would use. If you’re a larger customer, we actually have a few larger customers here in Louisville that we delivered to weekly. They buy so much water that we are able to deliver them weekly. One of the differences is we also do delivery as a will called bases. With a customer who might not go through but maybe one or two bottles every two or three months. So we put them on a will call basis and we deliver to them. We give them a schedule based on the time that the driver’s in that area, and based on the schedule, they will call us and say, “I need a bottle or two or three bottles.” Then we’ll deliver to them on a will call basis.


    Are there different products that Louisville offers that Poca doesn’t?


    We do have one other item in a five-gallon water. We also carry a Nestle Pure Life 5-gallon purified water as well as the spring water. So actually we have five different types of 5-gallon water. So we just started selling the Nestle Pure Life water two years ago. It’s taken off pretty well. A lot of people out there and in the market area, they see that name Nestle and they like that Nestle Pure Life.


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