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    We deliver water to homes and offices in Lousiville Kentucky. Watch the video to find out more about how it works.


    Hi. Yes, my name is Jaime Lapsley. I’m the branch manager here at our Louisville, Kentucky branch of Tyler Mountain Water Company. We deliver a wide range of our water products and services to many commercial industrial accounts throughout the Kentuckiana area. We do have a wide range of a 60-mile radius of any direction. Based on your needs and the amount of water you would go through, we can set you up on three different types of delivery days. We can set you up on a 28 day delivery day, if you use more water, we can set you up on an every 14 day delivery day. And if you’re going through more water than that, we can set you up on a weekly delivery day to where we’re taking care of all of your needs. There is no difference per se between a business or a residential account. We deliver water to your home and your business based on your usage and your needs. I would say the only difference is at home, you don’t have to be home. We provide you a calendar to where we deliver to your home every 28 days or 14 days and based on that schedule, just have your empty bottle sitting out either by your garage or your front door or your fence or some place where we can get the bottles then we’ll swap them out. But, we will definitely deliver to your home or business. We will deliver any of our five-gallon bottles or three-gallon bottles or one-gallon throw-away bottles we will deliver. We have four different types of water. Spring, purified, alkaline, and distilled water. We deliver any of those items or products to your home or business.

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