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    Ice and water machines are hardly a new phenomenon, but they are certainly growing in popularity. Though it may seem odd to talk about cold refreshing water during the winter season, it is essential to stay hydrated year-round. When it comes to enhancing the quality and taste of the water that you consume, it is difficult to beat the ice and water machines by Follett.

    Ice and Water Options

    Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee currently has two Follett ice and water machine models available, the 7 Series and the 15 Series. If you need more reasons to love these innovative machines, how about the fact that they are the perfect choice for any office? In a commercial environment, these machines allow you to provide water and ice to your employees, customers, and guests.

    Follett Machines Go Cold on Demand

    When it comes to choosing a water and ice machine, you must understand why one can be beneficial to you. One of the most appealing aspects of these machines is that they allow you to get ice cold water on demand. The waterside of the machine can be used to make Tyler Mountain coffee or tea; the water is filtered for better taste.

    Follett 7 Series

    Available as a countertop or under-counter dispenser, the 7 Series is the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen or staff room. This model can hold up to seven pounds of ice in storage and provide for groups of up to 50 people. For business owners who want to go the extra mile, the 7 Series is a great way to show hospitality towards staff and guests. The model is also available with a base that can be used to turn it into a freestanding unit.

    Follett 15 Series

    The 15 Series is another hugely popular model from Follett. This model can hold up to 15 pounds of ice in storage and is perfect for large groups of up to 75 people, making it ideal for events, gatherings, and meetings. The most impressive element is undoubtedly the drainless design that refreezes melted water from storage, meaning it can be installed practically anywhere.

    Contact Tyler Mountain

    If ice and water machines take your fancy, we’re here to help! Our skilled and fully qualified staff can take charge of delivery and installation in your business. As mentioned, we have two excellent Follett ice and water machine models that are among the leading models on the market. The 7 Series and the 15 Series are hugely popular, producing up to a staggering 125 pounds of ice each day. At Tyler Mountain, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best water delivery services in West Virginia. Contact us for more information on the Follet 7 Series or 15 Series today.

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