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    Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee is honored to serve Kentucky and Indiana from out of our Louisville branch. We pride ourselves on great customer service and reliability that you can could on.
    How did Tyler Mountain Water start there? There was a company here in Louisville called Anita Spring Water. And in the mid-1980s, Tyler Mountain Water came out of West Virginia and into Louisville, and they purchased Anita Spring Water. And, sometime around the mid 1980s, they took over that, and they kept the name Anita Spring Water until sometime in the middle to late 90s, and then they changed to the name Tyler Mountain Water. So. It’s a very well-known name here in the community, Anita was. And, even now, we still have customers who say, “I’ve never heard of Tyler Mountain but I’ve heard of Anita Spring Water.” Okay, awesome. And what areas do you cover in Kentucky and Indiana? We have about a 60-mile radius that we circumference around. Generally, we have a good geographically located here where we are. And, you can draw a circle, a 60-mile radius, around our office. We cover mostly all of Kentuckiana area – that’s what it’s called here in Louisville. Kentucky Indiana proper. We service all of Southern Indiana. So, like I said, a 60-mile radius. We go as far east as Lexington, Kentucky, as far south is a Lynchfield Kentucky, which is farther south than Elizabethtown, as far west we go to Brandenburg. So, like I said, it’s about a 60-mile radius in any direction. We’re located right here by the airport, right off the expressway, so we’re easy to get to, easy to get in and out of, as far as just being able to service our customers on a timely basis. Tell me about your staff in Louisville. Yeah, I can’t ask for a better staff. We have a staff of about 12 people here. We’re a regional beverage company. We’re like a family here. Like I said, there’s four five people that have been here – one of our employees, Judy Taylor, she’s been here almost forty years. I have a couple of different other employees have been here – actually, Rick Atherton’s going on his 20-year anniversary next month. We have a couple drivers that have been here 15 years plus. I’ve been here eight years, and just we’re a small family. I mean, I couldn’t ask for a better group of employees to work with on a daily basis. If you’re going to be away from home, you might as well like who you’re around. Okay, how many customers do you service in your location? Wish I could give you a good answer. I’ve tried to research that. Thousands I mean it’s not hundreds. It’s thousands of customers that rely on us on a daily, monthly, weekly basis to deliver them water. Part of what we pride ourselves on here is our service. I mean, they know that like anything you go out get – you can pay any amount of money for. But it’s service that pride ourselves on as far as why people keep coming back. How we can retain customers year in and year out. Yeah, we’re going to lose customers to big businesses, we’re going to lose customers to death as far as residential customers, but for the most part, our customers stay with us because of our service level that we provide. If we provide the water like we say we’re going to do, then our customers love our guys. And they speak for themselves, too, because they love our drivers. If one of our drivers is on a vacation one week, and if somebody else fills in for them. The customers say, “Hey, where’s Bryan today? We really miss him.” They really like our drivers. And, they’re very passionate about what they do. Awesome. That’s so cool. Was there a recent event where Tyler Mountain Water was very important to the community? The best way I can answer that is during this whole pandemic, Tyler Mountain Water has stayed open and we’ve continued to deliver to our customers on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. We haven’t closed. We’ve stayed true to our customers. We kept going. It’s been some tough few months for everyone. So, we just want to say thank you to our customers out there that have stuck with us, who have relied on those to get them their water. We just want to say thank you again for everything that they’ve allowed us to do for them. Great. And then, last, but not least, what makes Tyler Mountain Water different from other bottled water companies and why should people choose you? Like I mentioned before, the service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service areas. We know people can go anywhere and get water. We know people can go anywhere and get any type of essential need. But, if we provide them the service that they want, they’ll keep coming back. Even if they pay a little bit more pay a little bit less. Me personally, I know if I’m getting good service from somewhere, I’m not going to go shopping for something from somewhere else for a few less pennies or a little bit less money because I know I’m going to have dependable service from from that specific group or specific organization. So again, our service level speaks for itself. Again, we’ve lost customers in the past, we’ll lose more customers, but the ones that we gained and the ones we retain speak for our service level and our guys.

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