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    Even though the threat of dehydration during hot, summer months is pretty well understood, far too many people fail to stay properly hydrated during the winter months. Since they’re not sweltering in the heat, the sensation of thirst simply isn’t there for many people. However, the human body requires a considerable amount of water during cold weather, and failing to drink a sufficient amount of water can quickly lead to problems.

    Water and Your Immune System
    In most areas, winter weather tends to be quite dry, and indoor air is often extremely dry, which means it’s easy to become dehydrated quickly. Common symptoms of being dehydrated include a general feeling of malaise and tiredness even after resting. Perhaps the most significant threat is to a person’s immune system. When anyone is dehydrated, they are far more likely to become ill. An adequate supply of water helps people avoid the common cold and flu.

    Winter Weight Gain and Water
    Staying Hydrated is also vital for maintaining an ideal weight. Not only does consuming water make most people feel less hungry, that water is necessary for properly processing foods and converting them to energy. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, consuming an adequate amount of water also tends to minimize the potential for fluid retention. Rather than risking weight gains during the coldest weather, make it a point to consume an adequate supply of water throughout the day.

    Keeping Warm During the Coldest Weather
    People who are properly hydrated generally find it easier to stay warm during the coldest weather. An adequate supply of water makes it easier for the body to maintain an appropriate core temperature. As a rule, health professionals suggest consuming warm liquids rather than cold drinks. That’s a good excuse to drink that extra cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate.

    Reduce Stress Levels During the Holidays
    Numerous studies suggest being dehydrated increases stress. Being dehydrated leads to elevated cortisol levels, which makes it more difficult for most people to deal with even relatively normal daily issues. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to control stress levels throughout the holiday season.

    Companies like Tyler Mountain Water provide quality water that’s readily available throughout the region. To protect your health during cold weather, drink plenty of the best water available.

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