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    Traditional and Single Serve Tea

    At Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee, we believe in bringing a diverse range of options to you. To that end, we also have available traditional and single-serve teas such as Lipton, Bigelow, and Celestial Seasonings in a variety of flavors.

    Lipton Teas and Tyler Mountain Water and Coffee

    Lipton Traditional Tea Bags

    In 1893 Sir Thomas Lipton officially established the Thomas J Lipton Co.®, a tea packaging company based in Hoboken, New Jersey . He felt that tea should be a drink for everyone, not just the wealthy, so he sought to make packaging and shipping less expensive.

    Instead of arriving in crates, Sir Thomas packaged his loose tea in multiple weight options. The tea was also standardized, so Lipton® customers knew exactly what to expect.


    Tea bags were an accidental creation by American merchant Thomas Sullivan. When sending samples of tea to his customers, he would place them in small silk bags. His customers presumed the whole bag should be steeped in water, and so the tea bag was born.

    Thomas Lipton was always forward thinking, and knew how important tea bags would be to his product. Lipton® was also the first tea brand to print brewing instructions on tea bag tags.


    Lipton® continues to innovate. In the US, 100% of our leaf tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. By supporting smallholder farmers, we can ensure sustainability from crop to cup.

    Available in traditional black, cleansing green, and decaf of both options, we proudly offer you the satisfaction of a great cup of tea that’s satisfied discriminating tastes for over 100 years.

    High Flow Filtration

    The Bigelow Tea Story

    They say variety is the spice of life…and Bigelow Tea wholeheartedly agrees!  For three generations – over 70 years – the Bigelow family has specialized in crafting over 120 innovative varieties of tea for you to steep, sip, and savor.

    The Bigelow family has been passionate about one thing…TEA, starting in the kitchen when Ruth Campbell Bigelow created her first cup of “Constant Comment”® Tea until today.  There is no point in the process from creating the flavors, to buying the ingredients, to testing the raw materials when they come in that the family is not personally involved.  They have to be….it is too important for them to not make sure each cup is perfect, it has their name on it!

    At Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee, we proudly carry a wide variety of traditional tea bags to suit a multitude of tastes. From Earl Gray to Green to Mint Medley, we offer a delicious assortment to spice up even the most dreary of days. Let us deliver a box or two to your home or office!

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