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    We deliver a wide variety of coffee to your office in Lousiville Kentucky. Watch the video to find out more about what we deliver and what flavors we carry.


    Hi, my name is Jamie Lapsley. I’m the branch manager here at our Tyler Mountain Water branch in Louisville, Kentucky. We deliver a wide variety of coffee services to your office. We offer traditional coffee services and we also provide Keurig services. We were a distributor for New England Coffee and a distributor for Community Coffee. We’re also a Keurig distributor as well. So we have over 70 different Keurig flavors between coffee, hot chocolate, and tea that we can provide for you. Besides coffee and water, we also provide our customers if they’re interested, we do have a soda program. We will deliver soft drinks to your business, a couple of the other items that we offer as well, like I mentioned before, the hot chocolate, we have the apple cider, we have a variety of teas. We will also deliver Crystal Light to your business or your home. We will deliver squincher products. We offer the little quick sticks that you can drop a little powder in the bottled water. We will deliver to your business or home every 28 days, or we even have customers that we deliver every 14 days to if you’re going through a lot of product, as far as coffee, we’d take care of our coffee customers and deliver to them every 14 days, or we can put them on schedule where we deliver every 28 days as well. We offer a wide variety of K-cups here. Like I’ve mentioned, we offer 70 different flavors specifically in the fall and the winter, we focus on our pumpkin spice it’s a very popular flavor, and a lot of our customers do enjoy the pumpkin spice. We also offer a hot apple cider K-Cup. We also offer a few tea sampler as well in the K-Cup, and of course, everyone’s favorite we also offer two forms of hot chocolate. One is a Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and the other is a Cafe Express Hot Chocolate.

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