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    Distilled or Filtered Water Does it Matter?

    Distilled or Filtered Water Does it Matter?

    Making your morning coffee is much more than just preparing a drink. It is a ritual, a ritual that can make your whole day start in a much better way. 

    If you know the coffee beans and the taste you love, then you should also pay attention to the type of water you use for your cup of coffee. 

    First, keep in mind that a cup of coffee is 98% water, so the type of water you use will impact the overall taste and consistency. Remember, selecting your water with a mineral content of at least 150-200 parts per million and heating it at a temperature between 195 -205℉ is crucial.

    The best choice for many coffee lovers is to use the tap water available to them. If your tap water comes from a nearby mountain, lake, or river, it will likely be of high quality. In this case, you will find traces of copper, magnesium, and copper, which will influence the taste of your coffee. 

    Find out the best water for your coffee below. 

    Distilled Water and Coffee

    To increase your coffee’s flavor and consistency, the water you use must have some mineral content. When the water goes through a distillation process, it loses all the minerals and compounds it needs to add flavor to your cup via boiling or reverse-osmosis. 

    The distillation process makes the water much softer, which only retains minimal or no mineral content. 

    If you are using distilled water for your coffee, you can expect it to be less flavourful and thin-bodied. 

    What is Distilled Water?

    Water is considered distilled when it has all been boiled into vapor. The vapor is then condensed again into a separate container. During the boiling process, the minerals, impurities, and other water compounds do not boil, thus remaining at the first container’s bottom. The water in the second container will now be entirely free of these substances, making it a type of purified water. 

    How Does Distilled Water Affect Your Coffee?

    As seen above, you will need minimum mineral content of 150 to 200 parts per million in the water used to ensure that your coffee is flavourful. However, this is especially true for long and straight coffee cups, such as black Americano. If you plan to add milk or sugar, then the water used will make less of a difference. Another exception is espresso, in which the coffee content is so concentrated that you will have a flavourful result independently of the water used.

    Filtered Water and Coffee

    Filtered water can be used in coffee in a way that is much easier and much more convenient. Best of all, filtered water retains all those minerals and compounds that are good for your body and increase the coffee flavor. Generally, you should opt for this alternative for a more flavorful cup!

    What is Filtered Water?

    You can buy filtered water or make your own with a filtered just. You will only need to fill the jug up with tap water and allow the filter to complete the process. One of the most important aspects of filtering water is that it will get rid of the chlorine. However, the water will retain a healthy level of beneficial minerals.  

    How Does Filtered Water Affect Your Coffee?

    Filtered water is the ideal choice for your coffee. It contains all the minerals to make it more flavorful, without any chemicals that might ruin its taste. You will find that your coffee will seem purer and without debris.

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