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    Tyler Mountain Water is ready to serve your business by delivering delectable coffee and tea items straight to your door. Whether you prefer seasonal items or your favorite coffee brew, we are a coffee provider that you can count on.


    All right, what types of coffee do you carry?

    We carry carry two different types of coffee. We got the traditional coffee that comes like in the glass pot or the stainless steel carafes, or we also carry the Keurig coffee K-cups with over 70 different flavors of K-cups. We have two different suppliers that we use for the traditional coffee, Community Coffee and New England coffee.

    All right, what types of machines do you deliver? I know you guys deliver coffee to offices and stuff. So do you do machines there as well?

    Yes, we don’t deliver coffee to residential services. We just do commercial businesses. We use the Keurig single serve coffee machines. like I mentioned. We also use the two to three burner, low profile, stainless steel, automatic, pour over coffee makers. Buns is brand.

    Awesome. And then you also wrapped up a second answer in there. Do you deliver coffee only commercially?

    Yes. We do not deliver coffee to residential services only to commercial businesses. That’s because, a lot of time with residentials, we don’t ever see our residential customers. We just drop water off. So part of the fact that we get to see our commercial customers on a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly basis. That’s the reason why we don’t do coffee to residential services.

    Okay. So what would you say are some of your customers favorite flavors? What’s the most popular stuff?

    In a K-Cup, I think our most popular is our Krispy Kreme smooth K-Cup. Like I mentioned before, we have over 70 different flavors. Just to name a few, we have the Krispy Kreme, the Donut Shop, the Breakfast Blend, Hazelnut. We even have flavored variety packs in the K-Cups. Now as far as the other coffee goes, we have general Colombian Blend. We have Breakfast Blend and different size packs. So for the most part, they generally like the medium roast. We have dark roast, too, but medium roast is more or less the epic flavor.

    Awesome, and what are your favorite seasonal flavors? You personally, for like summer, winter, fall. What do you like to drink?

    I mean, we have pumpkin spice during the fall. Iced teas are good. I mean, personally, that’s all I drink mostly is tea. I’ll drink a cup of coffee every once in a while. The blueberry, again, the Breakfast Blend, the Donut Shop, and the Krispy Kreme, are pretty much the seasonal go around flavors. We only deliver the pumpkin spice and offer it in the fall. Around the fall and Christmas time. We typically keep that same general list of items that we offer year round. We do get the seasonal flavors of creamers like a peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice creamer or salted caramel chocolate. Those are in creamers. That’s not coffee. Come fall time, we offer a lot of different flavors of creamers to help enhance the flavor of the coffee of people do like creamer. Some people just like it black.

    So you deliver creamers as well when you deliver coffee?

    We do in the 50 count creamers, and we have over 12 different flavors of creamers that we do. And then we have original and french vanilla and hazelnut flavors at the 180 count and a 360 count creamer for businesses that use a lot. It’s cost effective if they buy the bigger sizes.

    What other kind of hot drinks do you deliver besides coffee?

    Hot tea. We do hot tea. We do apple cider. We do cappuccino flavored K-Cups. We do have some convenience stores that we have cappuccino machines in where we actually deliver them the pound bags of cappuccino mix and put them in in the machine. So as far as K-Cups is just the hot teas. We have four five different flavors of hot teas, two flavors of hot chocolate. We got the Swiss Miss hot chocolate and a Cafe Escape hot chocolate.


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